Cooperation proposals


    In the field of use of the developments of the «Research Center Uralsemiconductor”, Ltd.

1. The «Research Center Uralsemiconductor”, Ltd is looking for partners for joint development (including scientific and engineering-technological researches), production and sale of a wide spectrum of optoelectronic devices.  Besides scientific-engineering results, experience of manufacture and creation of measuring stands for support of manufacture and the scientific researches, saved up in  »Research Center Uralsemiconductor”, Ltd, can be used.

2. Completely new problems – projects of other directions, not only in optoelectronics can be carried out, both as the order, and joint (i.e. in cooperation).

3. A separate direction of cooperation (as addition to optoelectronics) is a training of the personnel of the customer to techniques of planning and management of scientific-research and construction works (techniques of scientific-engineering planning of experiments), including harmonization of a psycho-physical state, strengthening and opening of abilities and superabilities, and also training of people to group creative work (see item 8 of the appendix).

4. The structure of experts of the centre includes (on an advisory basis) three doctors-professors in the field of chemistry and physics (among them are the chief of Cathedra and the chief of Laboratory in Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences), methodologist with 30-years experience, Master of Tsigun and Diksha, who are in continuous Development.
Except for it, the significant number of students and participants of seminars can be involved to the works. These are those who are familiar with our development as in the field of optoelectronics, so those who passed training at seminars of Harmonious Development.


The brief information about the Director – Chief Designer of the «Research Center Uralsemiconductor”, Ltd, Mukhamedyarov R.D.

1. Upon his graduation from Radio-Engineering Department of Ural Polytechnical Institute (UPI) in 1971, he worked 2,5 years on Ural Electromechanical Factory as service engineer of computing machinery. He created and debugged programs for output and visualization of the information from computer Minsks-32.
2. From 1973 to 1986 he worked at the Department of Physical and Colloidal Chemistry of UPI at posts of the main engineer-head of the group, chief of the Optoelectronic department of the cathedra (5 % of the budget of the institute for a science in 1980-1985), the senior scientific employee with execution of duties of the chief of the section. In March, 1981 he has protected the dissertation on a degree of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.
3. In 1987 he has organized the Department of Optoelectronics in Sverdlovsk City “Center of Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth (STCY)”. Centers and System of STCY in the USSR were organized on the basis of the Project of the Decision of the Central Committee of All-Union Lenin Communist Union of Youth, where the project developed by Mukhamedyarov R.D. and Byazyrov V.S. and  maintained by Кorolev S. (the secretary of Sverdlovsk Regional Komsomol Committee) was taken as a basis..
4. In 1993 with reorganization-closing of centers of STCY he has organized the private enterprise «Research Center Uralsemiconductor”, Ltd.
5. The devices and developments presented at the site are the practical realization of 100 inventions of Mukhamedyarov R.D., and co-authors. 33 of them are formalized officially. During 1974-1986 over than 40 articles of scientific direction «Semi-conductor optoelectronics» were published.
6. During 1973-2007 about 100 research and developmental works were executed under management of Mukhamedyarov R.D.  98 % from them gave positive results (see materials of the site
7. The marital status: he is married since 1984. He has two daughters. The senior daughter will graduate from chemical department of UPI with a specialty «Chemical technology of semiconductors» in 2008. The junior daughter goes to school.
8. In addition to scientific and technical development, R.D. since 1999 is engaged in scientific-engineering research of a question about the meaning of a life on the basis of studying of religious Scriptures and knowledge of ancient civilizations of the Earth. That is the knowledge of «What does a Person and the Universe and what for there is a Person in it » (see materials of the site
The work in this direction has allowed find out communication between inventive inspiration of a Person and super-abilities of clarified mystics. Super-abilities are those miracles which were showed by founders and teachers of both many known religions, and spiritual movements during all history. Miracles are shown today also, but basically on the East — in India and in China.
The results of these scientific-engineering researches and own spiritual evolution have allowed to find out and master the techniques of fast improvement and harmonization ** of psycho-physical state of a Person. It allows improve sharply a working capacity, to strengthen available creative abilities and to open new abilities — talents. As a result of harmonization a person also passes to a healthy way of life. The technique of revealing of perspective trained persons, that is who are capable to fast Training — development is developed.

*.He has trained at seminars- practices of the best Teachers from all continents of the Planet.

**. The engineering-technological approach

Uralsemiconductor Research Center, Ltd,
Ekaterinburg, Russia

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Ravil Muhamediarov,
Director and General Designer, PhD in Physics and Mathematics