High-speed photodetectors of spectral range 0,25 — 6,0 µm

High-speed photodetectors of spectral range 0,25 — 6,0 µm based on nanofilms of
ultrapure CdPbS , PbS and PbSnSe.
Parameters below are for the temperature 295 K.

1.1. Ultrafast photoresistor PbS, time response τ = 5-8 µs, R= 300-500 kOhm, Δλ = 0.25-3.5 µm, D* = (1-2)1010 cm W -1 Hz 0.5.Composite superstructure, h = 400 nm, a sandwich of 15 layers.

1.2. Photoresistor Cd1Pb15S16, τ= 50-75 µs, R= 10-20 megOhm, Δλ = 0.25-2.4 µm, D*=(10-14)1010 cm W -1 Hz 0.5. This is a super structural chemical compound, a completely ordered phase of solid solution.

1.3. Photoresistor PbS, τ = 50-75 µs, R= 40-120 kOhm, Δλ = 0.25-3.3 µm, D* = (3-6)1010 cm W -1 Hz 0.5.

1.4. Photoresistor PbSnSe, τ = 2-4 µs, R =30-100 kOhm, Δλ = 0.5-6.0 µm, D* = (2-3)108 cm W -1 Hz 0.5 (R&D stage).

1.5. Also photoresistors 1.2-1.4 above cooled by TEC (1-2-3 cascades). They have intermediate and limiting characteristics of voltage sensitivity and detection capability at a essentially lower time response and dark resistance with respect to analogues. Photoresistors based on ultrapure and stoichiometric films have a high stability of characteristics during the lifetime. It is confirmed by our observations for the period from 10 to 30 years depends on the photoresistor type.

Photodetecting devices for various purposes

2.1. Power meter of UV-laser for medical purpose, Δλ = 0,25-0,4 µm, τ = 5-8 µs.

2.2. Photodetecting device «Sigma» for Spacecraft studies of natural resources, five-channel, cooled, spectral range Δλ = 2,1-2,35 µm. Successfully worked in the MSU-V.

2.3. Photodetecting device PDD-20. Equippedwith radiation modulator. (Δλ = 0,25¸6,0 µm).

2.4. Photodetecting device, universal, cooled «Sigma-09/U», (Δλ = 0,25¸6,0 µm).

2.5. Photodetecting device of 4.3 μm, 2 chan., sensitive, for the system detecting gravitational waves.

2.6. Panoramic IR finder-imager for forest fire detection and protection of agricultural and industrial facilities (R&D).

2.7. Studying-and-training aids “Optoelectronic kit Rainbow-64” (R&D stage).

2.8. Development and manufacturing of photodetecting devices for specific requirements.

Optical instruments for measuring the turbidity

3.1. Liquid analyzer, turbidimetric, АЖТ-94, flow-through-type, range 0.2-80 mg/l. Egipped with transparent manostat to stabilize a sample flow rate and with the transparent chamber to remove air micro bubbles.

3.2. Signal-turbidimeter for liquid, СШР-91/5, flow-through-type, two-channels-type, range 20-800 mg/l.

3.3. Liquid analyzer,nephelometric, АЖН-98/ПК, flow-through-type (without contact of optics with water), for sludge liquids, measuring range (0.1-16000 mg/l), divided into 4 sub-ranges.

3.4. Liquid analyzer, АЖН-98/ПГр, portable, with dipping sensor, range 0.1-6000 mg/l.

Social and public activity of the Centre

4. Health Promotion Device “Cepper USC”, portable, produced from 2009 year: rehabilitation of immunity, stimulation of internal organs function, suppression of parasites. Equippedwith an electrochemicalcell for the enrichment of water with silver and copper. Certificate of compliance NC-0041905 from 05.03.09 CRBB 002/97 in the Registry ROSS RU.0001.04 ЮЩ000C001.

5. In aspect of Socium (Society) the Centre conducts lectures, consultations and practical workshops on Mindset and Healthy Lifestyle since 2003. We offer proven Methods of Harmonization of mind (behavior), Activation and Development of Creative Abilities of Human by determining the Life Meaning as an Evolution in Creative Activity, Bio-body and Socium, as well as understanding and management of personal life energy.See http://www.svet-ural.com/en/index.php «White Light of Ural»

The Centre was created in 1989 year, has more than 100 inventions. This is an Innovative Enterprise in the field of Optoelectronics, Psychology and Methodology.

Director  and Chief Designer, Ph.D.:Ravil Davletovich MUKHAMEDYAROV