Studying-and-Training Aids “Optoelectronic Kit Rainbow-64”

Proposal: From LLC “Research Centre Uralsemiconductor”                                          

Product  Description

Final  development,  production  and distribution of  studying-and-training optoelectronic  system set    for training and developing a creativity of school,  technical  college  and university students, that includes:

- optical multichannel spectrum analyzer — polychromator for the spectrum band 0.2 — 3.3 μm  (made as  a construction kit) based on a 64-element photodetector based on nanofilms of ultrapure lead sulphide (PbS);
- a set of more simple optoelectronic sensors for different applications, including toys (do-it-yourself), based on few-elements photodetectors PbS

By the order an additional sets of parts and components may be supplied for assembling of optoelectronic  sensors in  pupils circle activity and  using  them  later  in everyday life.

The proposal is based on the technology (nano-level) of synthesis of ultra-pure semiconductor films PbS. Single-element and multi-element photodetectors based on our ultra-pure films are sensitive in a broad band spectrum from ultraviolet 0,20-0,38 μm, visible range 0,38-0,78 μm, and near-infrared range 0,78-3,5 μm at room temperature. Thus by the spectrum of the photosensitivity our photoresistor is  an  ideal  quantum  counter.

Our photodetectors have short time response (5-8 or 55-75 μs), low dark resistance (40-120 kOhm), and high current sensitivity (4-6 A/W).  All this increases the speed of information processing and improves noise immunity as well as a signal to noise ratio in the case of  photoelectric signal amplification.

The  technology  of  production  of  ultrapure  nanofilms  PbS  is  suitable  for  mass  production  and has  no  analogues  in  the  World.  It  was  found  that  the  lifetime  of  photodetectors  based  on  them      is more than  25 years.

Implementation of the Optoelectronic Kit is accompanied by using of proven methods                         of harmonization of mental conditions (behavior), activation and development of creative abilities of students, and by setting of Life meaning as a Development in creative work, bio-body and socium (society), as well as  recognizing  and  managing of personal self-energy  (+ healthy  lifestyle).

The Optoelectronic Kit includes «Toy-construction-set competitive» to develop an interest in technical creativity. This is Know-How. It has been tested, and includes electronics, optics and mechanics. At the moment the toy-construction-set is hidden inside Optoelectronic Kit «Raduga-64″, but it is a separate     pre-product. From the toy it goes a smooth transition of pupil’s abilities to complete set «Raduga-64″ at the training stage of a high school or special  school  for  talented  children.

Estimated volume of production is about 10 thousand units per year at cost of 30-150 thousand rubles for Optoelectronic Kit, depending on the completeness. The initial set (about 30 rubles.) will be expanded by additional supplies. It is also expected a supply of goods for export.

Note: Optical spectrum analyzers of sequential and parallel analysis are one of the most universal and basic tools of modern science and industry. Therefore, part of goods will go to the science and industry.

 The  main  advantages  of the  company,  technological  innovation

For realization of  the project we  are  using  the  developments  of  the  Centre   and   the  Department  of  Physical and  Colloid Chemistry of  the Ural  Federal  University for  the past 25 years:  more than 100 successful R&D by orders, the experience of  serial production of water turbidimeters of three types, more than  40 patented  inventions and over  60  non-patented ones,  as well as  specific Know-How in the  field of technology and psychology.

Multi-element photodetectors PbS are used abroad for industrial and scientific tasks in limited quantities. This is due to its high cost and a limited lifetime.

A distinctive  feature  and  competitive  advantage  of  our photoresistors based on nano-structured lead sulfide used in the optoelectronic kit, is the possibility of large-scale production of multi-element photodetectors with high uniformity of the parameters (± 5%) on the elements at low cost.

Working lifetime is more than 25 years.