Panoramic infrared finder


Panoramic infrared finder detecting areas of forest fires and objects of agriculture and industry

LLC “Research Centre Uralsemiconductor”

We offer a device that is installed on the hill, on top of the tower-mast of 35-40 m height and provides   a panoramic view with the overlap in angle elevation ~ 36 °.

Simplicity, reliability, and reasonable price of the device is ensured by the fact that a full review is provided for a long time (5 min) due to the original and simple optical-scanning scheme and layout  of the device. For the concentration of radiation it is used a ready-made optics from commercially available equipment.

A set of our own infrared (IR) detectors allows us to create 3-4 channel finder system in the near and middle infrared range 1,3-5,5 μm. Spectrum multi-channel scheme makes it possible to increase the distance of detection and improve the finding of the fire area on the background noise. Our detectors (photoresistors) CdPbS, PbS, and PbSnSe are not inferior in the parameters of sensitivity and speed with the thermoelectric cooling to the world’s best achievements in the IR-range of 1,3-5,5 μm. The development of photoresistors is carried out together with the Dept. of PhCCh of the Ural Federal University since 1975.

Since 1991 the Centre has developed and manufactured certified optical analyzers-turbidimeters  of 4 types. It was produced over 350 pieces of them. In this field LLC “Research Centre Uralsemiconductor” is a leading enterprise in Russia. It was also fabricated many photodetectors (thousands pcs.) and hundreds        of photodetecting devices for scientific research and industry, including the nuclear industry and equipment   for space purposes.

All this allows us to state that we are able to create a slow (very slow compared with the military ones) finder which is under the necessary angular (0,2-0,5°) resolution not inferior in the sensitivity to the best domestic and foreign finders of mid-infrared range with thermoelectric cooling.

The device may be equipped with an additional channel to the region of 0,5-1,0 μm (silicon photodetector) for locking a false signal from the Sun and the Moon and eliminating interference from  the glare of sunlight-reflections from local objects.

The coordinates of the flame are passed by the radio channel. It may be provided a system  for protection against vandalism (theft), the detection of intruders (we have the original design) and high-level electric discharge. To protect the villages, warehouses, plant areas, parts of the city — the information is entered into the computer; the normal thermal relief (e.g., hot tube of boiler room) stored in the memory and the processing highlights the emergence of the source of fire against the background of stationary sources of heat. It is also outputted as a visual (panoramic) infrared image. It is possible to detect a stream of hot smoke in the absence of direct visibility of sight of the flame chamber. In stand-alone mode the finder is powered    by  a rechargeable battery and solar panels.

It is also proposed an original tower-mast of our own design.

Some technical parameters. Sketch design.

  Panoramic view speed, min.


  Detection range of the fire, km (is clarified)


  Horizontal viewing angle, deg.


  Vertical viewing angle, deg.


 Power supply voltage, V


 Power consumption, not more than, W


 Warm-up time, not more than, min


 Dimensions of the device, mm


 Weight, kg

≤ 12

In the period from October 2006 to February 2007, at the expense of the Centre it was designed and built a prototype of the device; laboratory tests that were held confirmed completely the concept of design and possibility of realization of the device.