Photodetecting device «Sigma-09/U»

Photodetecting device, universal, cooled «Sigma-09/U»

Measurement  of  optical  radiation  and  control  of  pulse  shape in the UV,  visible  and infrared spectrum bands on the basis of high-speed photoresistors (PR). The Photodetecting Device (PDD) is a universal measuring tool for various tasks in the field of science and industry.


Size of the sensitive area, mm2(PbSnSe -2,0х2,0) 0,5х0,5¸10,0х10,0
Spectral range, μm for PR  PbS 0,2-3,5
for PR  PbS-SnSe 0,6-6,0
Optical window of photoresistor quartz, sapphire, fluorite
Number of channels 1¸4
Bandwidth, 3dB level, kHz for PR  PbSfor PR  PbS-SnSe 0,001-33,00,001-100,0
Angle of view (without input optics), degrees 90
Sensitivity adjusting, dB 0; -20; +20
Dynamic range, max, dB for PR  PbS 100
for PR  PbS-SnSe 80
Maximum signal amplitude, mV , eff
PDD output signal leads out to connectors
9200CP-50,  РС-10
Modes of thermal stabilization – cooling of photodetector, TEC in ° С:


+33°(35°) cooling 2


        cooling 1

-5° cooling 3


Number of cascades of TE cooling 1¸4
Accuracy of maintenance of the temperature in different modes, ΔK, deg 0,15¸0,07
Warm-up time, sec 40-60
Operating temperature range (lab conditions) in °С +10¸+30°
Supply voltage (+ protection from under-voltage, over-voltage and inversion), V +15¸22
Current consumption depending on the power TEC at +18 V, mA 180-500
Dimensions (mount is isolated from the metal case), mm Æ80-270
            Features of the PDD
Power supply of the PDD is isolated from the input power supply and the case of the device. The PDD is equipped with a filter suppressing low-frequency noise (may be switched off), and high-frequency noise suppression filter. By the customer’s order it can be formed a band pass filter, using these filters.
The PDD is supplied with PR PbS with a time response (by option) in μs: 6-8, 15-20 or 55-70 and / or
PR PbS-SnSe with a time response of 2-4 μs at 295 K. By switching of the level of TE cooling it can be reached the limit of the photoconductive characteristics such as speed limits or maximum voltage sensitivity and detectivity. It is provided a centered mounting and replacement of the input optics and filters during the operation time.
           Application. Five-channel version of the PDD «Sigma» (2,1-2,35 μm) was used in the “MSU-V” spacecraft “Ocean-O” for the Earth monitoring from space (successful flight tests
in 1999-2000). One lot of the PDD was delivered to company serving the Railway (overheating control of bushes 2000-2003), and a lot of PDD-20 to protect a dangerous technology process. The PDD can be equipped with long-range optics and the circuit of logical processing of photo signal for remote detection of: overheating; object monitoring; for the detection of extraneous radiation, for example, short pulses in the broadest spectral range of 0,2-6,0 μm
         State of the development of universal PDD version «Sigma-09/U»: A lot of devices in amount of 10 pcs. was produced to laser control in August 2009.