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Urals Semiconductor Research Centre of Photonics
(Ekaterinburg, Russia)


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We produce:

Industrial optical analyzers of liquid (certified). Flow type analyzers of solids suspended in liquid:  — turbidimeter АЖТ-94 (density range 0,2?85 mg/dm3 (0,3?150 FTU)) with automatic cleaning of optics;  — nephelometer АЖН-98/ПК ( 0,2?5000 mg/dm3 or 1-16000 mg/dm3);  — dual channel slime indicator- signalling device СШР-91/5 (30?600 mg/dm3). Signalling device СШР-91/5 is issued in two performances: for a liquid with temperature up to +45°С and up to +95°С.  — Displacer-type (6 m) nephelometer АЖН-98/ПГр (0,2?5000 mg/dm3 or 1?12000 mg/dm3) with bar.  — Analyzer AЖТ-94/4С-УФ, of the UV-range (196-254 nm) for measurements of the dissolved organic carbon’s (100-800 mсg/dm3) and iron’s (1-10 mсg / dm3) contents in de-salted water.  Auxiliary equipment: monostat and the chamber for removing of bubbles.

Semi-conductor photo-electric receivers of radiation for a range of wave’s lengths – from 0,3 to 3,5 microns and from 1 to 6 microns and photo-detecting devices on their bases.

About us:

Research Centre «Uralsemiconductor» is one of the leading companies in Russia in the field of optoelectronic industrial automation, and our products are photodetectors with high stability of parameters, optical detectors and devices, and turbidimeters. Research Centre «Uralsemiconductor» presents the results of fundamental investigations of the Ural School (the first investigations were carried out back in 1961) in the field of creating thin semiconductor films for CdPbS-, PbS-,PbSe-, PbSnSe-type photodetectors (optical operating range of from 0.3 to 6 ?m ).
The most outstanding applied result is the development of films of super pure semiconductor PbS (which has no analogues in the world). This allowed us to manufacture singleor multi-element photodetectors (with range of from 0.3 to 3.3 ?m), parameters’ stability of which is near to silicon transistors.

Company «RC Uralsemiconductor»  is created in 1989. This is the innovational enterprise in the field of optoelectronics which develops and lets out optical gauges and devices on the basis of their own inventions (more than 100).

1. Fields of application of photodetecting devices (integration of optical elements and electronic units in one design, with thermoelectric cooling in case of need):

  • aerial space equipment;
  • control of any burning processes;
  • fire sensors of naked flame;
  • control of collectors of electric machines (sparking);
  • detectors for rolling-mills;
  • annunciators of heating/cooling (range from -30°C to +990°C);
  • control of overheating of axle-boxes on railway;
  • detection of gas leakage (hydrocarbons, ammonia, etc.).

2. Optical turbidimeters of water and annunciators of turbidity with di pping and flowing detectors (industrial, 5 base types).

3. Development and manufacturing of photodetectors, integrated photodetectors and optoelectronic devices on order. Joint venture is also possible.

Our production summary

Industrial turbidimeters, photodetectors and photodetecting devices

1.1 The turbidimeter-type analyzer of liquids, AЖT-94 (AZhT-94), flowing type, with class of accuracy 2,5 is intended for measurement of concentration of the particles weighed in a liquid. The certificate of the type’s statement as a Mean of Measurement is RU.C. 32.005. A № 7476. It is registered in State Register of Means of Measurements under      № 19202-00. It measures pollution of waters in the range of from 0,2 to 80 mg/dm3 at temperature: 2 performances — up to +450С and up to +550С. Remote (7,5?100 m) gauge with transparent flowing probe chamber (0,2?0,7) dm3 (3 modifications). It has the mechanism of clearing of optics with an automatic drive. Analog outputs — current loops (0?5/4?20) mА. It has an output «resource of radiator». Two output relays on 220 V х 0,5 A, are switched on by programmed regulators. Analyzers are used at management of technical processes of water-preparations, turnaround water supply (including condensate), for the control of potable water. With the mechanical filter (it is mounted in front of the gauge) it is used as photo-colour-meter.

1.2 Turbidimeter AЖT-94 (AZhT-94) is completed according to an order with transparent manostat (up to +60°С) for stabilization of the probe’s input and the transparent chamber for removal of the smallest bubbles of air.

2. The signalling device — optical turbidimeter of liquids, СШР-91/5 (SShR-91/5), flowing type with two channels, is intended for measurement of turbidity (20?750 mg / dm3 on kaolin) and for management of removal of slim according to a level of a transparency and time of downturn of this level (8-128 sec for Т=260 sec.) in lighteners in water-preparations. The certificate on the statement of the type of means of measurements is RU.C.31.005.A      № 16020, is registered in State Register of Means of Measurements under № 25637-03. Two performances: up to +55 0С and up to +950С. It signalizes about an increase of a density of a stream of a slim in two flowing probe chambers. Thresholds of turbidity (21, 37, 50 %) and time of excess of a threshold (4?64 sec) are programmed. Output – current loop and two relays.

3.1 The nephelometer-type analyzer of liquids АЖН-98/ПК (AZhN-98/PK). The nephelometer-signalling device of slim liquids, flowing type (without contact of optics to water). A range of measurement (0,1?16000) mg/dm3, 4 subranges. It has programmed regulators and two relays. It is completed with transparent manostat. With a universal feed ~220V and +12 V. Temperature of water is up to +55°С.

3.2 The nephelometer-type analyzer of liquids АЖН-98/ПГр (AZhN-98/PGr). A portable nephelometer-signalling device of a level of slim liquids withimmersing type (up to 5 m) gauge for measurement of turbidity in a range of (0,1?8000) mg / dm3 (two performances). A feed ~220V / + 12V (accumulator, consumption 3 W). The certificate of the type’s statement for АЖН-98 — RU.C.31.005.A № 9958, is registered in State Register of Means of Measurements under № 21178-01. The gauge is supplied with a collapsible bar. Temperature of water is up to +50°С.

4. Over 300 devices of various types and performances are used on thermal power stations in towns Pervouralsk, Tyumen, Tobolsk, Surgut, Perm, Samara, Kazan, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Urussu, Karmanovo and others. Our analyzers steadily work in conditions of hindrances of an optical and electromagnetic range, are successfully maintained for the control of water modes at different customers. They are lead up to perfection and are more adapted to the Russian conditions of operation, than foreign analogues.

5. Photodetectors, photoresistors on the basis of thin films of superpure and stoichiometric CdPbS and PbSnSe and photoreceiving devices of IR-range (0,25?3,3 microns; 1,0?6,0 microns), the band 1?5000 Гц, switching of sensitivity (0,-10,-20 dB), with thermoelectric cooling if necessary. Output — current loop 4?20 мА,  feed +24 V. Application: the control of serviceability of collectors of electrical machines according to a degree of sparking; detecting of an open flame and the centers of fires; the control of processes of burning; the signal system of increase / downturn of temperature in a range of from -200С up to +990С; thermal relay — gauge of position of the heated up hire (Т?2000С, accuracy of position ~1 sm), moving with speed up to 10 m/s.

The advantages of photoresistors on the basis of thin films of super pure and stoichiometric lead sulfide. 
Over than 3500 pieces of photodetectors and devices of different types are supplied to customers.                                         


Address:  Russia 620028 Ekaterinburg, D.Ibarruri street, 6 “b”
Phone/Fax:  + 7 (343) 242-64-71; additional tel:  +7(343)228-39-34
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Ravil Muhamediarov,
Director and General Designer, PhD in Physics and Mathematics